and discover the world of digital-local retail



Digital presentation of your store und assortment

Unlimited number of products can be displayed

Benefit from the network's visibility



Digital pre-orders for private customers

Digital display window with integrated B2C pre-orders

No fixed costs

Cancel at any time

+ 0.25 €
per transaction *
* Increased fees when using Klarna as payment method: 6,5 % + 35ct per transaction


Digital pre-order for business customers

Digital display window with integrated B2B pre-orders

30 days free trial

Cancel by month

€ 29.99
/ Month


Digital Display Window B2C-Solution B2B-Solution
Pricing free
5% + 0.25€
per transaction
€ 29.99
/ month
Cancelation anytime anytime monthly
Payment provider fees
More Information
Orderize fee already includes the payment provider fees (1,4% +0.25€ per transaction) Subscription fee does not include the fees for direct online payments (1,4% + 0.25 € per transaction)
Digital Visibility
Digital display window to present store and showcase product assortment
Unlimited number of products
Exposure to new customers
Search engine optimized
Digital Pre-orders
Pre-order functionality for private customers
Pre-order functionality for business customers
Pick-up module
Delivery module
Effortless pre-ordering process for customers
Unlimited number of pre-orders per month
Set specific offerings for different days of the week
Set static offerings
Direct, safe payment of pre-orders via the Orderize-Platform
Payment of pre-orders via monthly invoice possible
Set minimum order quantity for each product
Effortless integration of digital pre-orders with stationary procedures
Simple set-up and maintenance of digital store
No extra hardware needed
Easy pick-up of pre-orders via QR Code
Clearly arranged inventory management
Pre-orders can be easily processed and managed
Refunds can be processed through the platform
Add an employee-account to store
Set holidays for store
API integration via Zapier
More Information
Assistance with bureaucratic integration
Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy template specifically formulated for Orderize-Partners
Automatically generated invoices to easily integrate with your bookkeeping
Dashboard to manage monthly invoices
Send payment reminders