The Orderize-Platform




Looking to digitize your business without neglecting your physical store? Orderize has got you covered. Without the need for an online shop, shipping, or returns, you can now attract customers to your stationary location through our digital platform.


What is the Orderize-Platform?

The Orderize platform is a digital platform where local retailers can showcase their store and product range digitally for free. Additionally, the Orderize platform offers an integrated ordering system for private and business pre-orders.

Digitale Laufkundschaft

Discover the potential of digital customers

More than half of Germans today start their purchasing process with an online search. With more digital visibility, you can reach customers who are already searching for your products.

Digitale Laufkundschaft

Take advantage of your benefits as a brick-and-mortar retailer

Appeal to potential customers with direct product availability, trust, personality, and a sustainable alternative to conventional online shopping.

Digitale Laufkundschaft

Reach customers even when your store is closed

Your digital presence is open 24/7 which allows you to reach your customers outside of your opening hours.

Digitale Laufkundschaft

Impress with digital-local convenience

German consumers are already looking to shop locally and sustainably. By offering your customers the convenience of online shopping, you create a whole new cross-channel shopping experience.


Compare Orderize–Products



Digital presentation of your store und assortment

Unlimited number of products can be displayed

Benefit from the network's visibility


Digital pre-order for business customers

Digital display window with integrated B2B pre-orders

30 days free trial

Cancel by month


Digital pre-orders for private customers

Digital display window with integrated B2C pre-orders

No fixed costs

Cancel at any time

Your benefits with Orderize

Digital visibility

No matter if you already have your own website or you are stilll starting out in the digital world, Orderize helps you gain more digital visibility. As part of the Orderize-Platform you will be found more easily in search engines and your customers always know what products you have to offer.

Save time

Orderize allows you to optimise processes and save time, that you can now spend on your store and its actual needs.

Efficient planning

By keeping an overview of all your pre-orders via the Orderize dashboard, you can optimize your planning processes. The dashboard helps you to monitor and plan your inventory, while always keeping track of your upcoming and past orders.

Easy & quick set-up

On the Orderize-Platform you can create your online display window for your store within minutes. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to set up the store, since you merely need to create your product catalogue in order to receive your first digital pre-orders.

Reach new customers

Profit from the Orderize-Network and gain new customers for your store. Orderize matches you with the right customers and you can use local retail's network effects in the digital space.

No extra hardware needed

To integrate the Orderize-Platform and all its functions in your stationary shop, you merely need a cellphone or any other internet-capable device.



No. Signing-up to and creating a digital display window on the Orderize-Platform is free of charge. You only incur costs, when you sell something through the Orderize-Platform. You can find out more about our pricing model here.

No! Orderize has been built as software that supports local retailers in their pursuit of digitalization without neglecting their daily business. The Orderize Interface is easy to use and allows you to create a digital replica of your store with only a few clicks. In case any questions arise, you can always reach out to our friendly customer support.

The Orderize-Platform is a marketplace exclusively for local retailers, meaning that we are not featuring any large, country-wide chains. By doing so, we want to create a digital space for local retailers and customers that value and want to support the local retail industry.

Even if you already have your own website you can profit from the Orderize-Network. Creating a digital shopping window is completely free and allows you to display your offerings to the Orderize Community. On top of that you can use the platforms many other features and doing so become a phygital local retailer.

Of course! The creation of your personal digital shopping window is completely free. One of our big goals at Orderize is to make the local retail industry's broad product catalogue digitally visible. So, what are you waiting for?

Any other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.