Rethinking Local Retail


Shopping at local retail shops has always been a special experience for us. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have observed that we and the people around started shopping less at local retail shops. Reoccurring lock-downs and restrictions have led to changes in shopping behaviours, which have been reinforced through missing information on the variety and availability of products in local shops. The idea for the Orderize-Platform emerged from these personal observations.

The local retail industry subsists on personality and diversity.
To keep it this way, new points of contact between customers and retailers need to be developed.


We make it our goal, to support local retailers with digital features so that they can self-reliantly operate and enhance their digital sales channels without neglecting their existing analogue channels. This enables local retailers to develop sustainable, fully integrated concepts for their businesses and thereby access customers both online and offline.


Our mission is to equip local retailers with the necessary digital tools and know-how so that they can remain competitive and develop their own phygital concepts for their businesses. Additionally, we offer customers a digital platform that embraces the convenience associated with conventional e-commerce and thereby helps customers to re-discover the local retail industry for themselves. Orderize offers the local retail industry an entry point into the world of phygital sales, which we aspire to further develop and improve together with customers and local retailers.


Our vision is to make the local retail industry sustainable in the long-term in order to preserve and further expand our diverse cityscapes and experiences we associated with them. Only by acting now, we can prevent the change to a uniform world where all shops, products, and ideas look and are the same.