What is phygital shopping?

The term phygital consists of the terms physical and digital. Shopping at a phygital shop entails the combination of convenient e-commerce elements with the special experience in stationary shops.

Did you know that you as a consumer are already phygital? You exist online as well as offline and shop in both worlds. We at Orderize want to combine these two worlds in order to create a fully integrated shopping experience for you as a consumer. At the same time, phygital approaches provide local retailers with new opportunities to enhance consumer experience.

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Never leaving a local store empty-handed again

Are you unable to go shopping at your convenience due to your job or other responsibilities? By pre-ordering via the Orderize-Platform you can be certain that your desired products will be retained until the store closes.

Experience the convenience of online shopping at your local retailers

Browse through product catalogues, discover new retail shops, and choose and pay products easily online... With Orderize this is also possible at your local retail shops.

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Picking up an order at a store

Pre-order online, pick up at stationary shop

Pick-up your pre-ordered products at stationary locations at your convenience. This way you will save a lot of unnecessary burden on the environmental and you don't have to face the struggle of missed deliveries or lengthy returns.

Shop locally in order to preserve our cityscapes

Due to the corona pandemic, local retailers have faced new challenges. Not only does increasing online consumption generate a huge amount of packaging waste and emissions, but also the role of local retail shops in our cityscapes is increasingly challenged. By using Orderize, you can enjoy the advantages of online shopping, while supporting your local retailers and thereby contributing to preserving our cityscapes.

Shopping locally