Guaranteed sale of pre-ordered products
All pre-orders that are conducted via the Orderize-Platform are paid for online at the end of the pre-ordering process. Therefore, the sale of pre-ordered products is guaranteed.
No fixed costs
As a retailer on the Orderize-Platform, you only incur costs if you actually sell something via the platform. Thus, you can try out and convince yourself of the platform for free.
Efficient planning
By keeping an overview of all your pre-orders via the Orderize dashboard, you can optimize your planning processes. The dashboard helps you to monitor and plan your inventory, while always keeping track of your upcoming and past orders.
Easy & quick set-up
On the Orderize-Platform you can create your online display window for your store within minutes. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to set up the store, since you merely need to create your product catalogue in order to receive your first digital pre-orders.
Reach new customers
The Orderize-Platform enables consumers to discover new shops, which in return means that the platform facilitates you to gain new customers who otherwise might have never gotten aware of your store.
No extra hardware needed
To integrate the digital sales channel via the Orderize-Platform in your stationary shop, you merely need a cellphone or any other internet-capable device with a camera in order to scan customers’ QR codes.

The local retail industry subsists on personality and diversity.
To keep it this way, new points of contact between customers and retailers need to be developed.

Why should I digitize my store?
We live in a time where consumers have gotten used to the endless possibilities and convenience of online shopping. Digitalization is omnipresent and is going to impact even more aspects of our daily lives in the future. Even though the analog, local retail industry still holds some advantages, such as personal character and curated product selection, it is uncertain whether those will be enough to stay relevant to consumers in the future. Digital concepts for the local retailers offer new possibilities and benefits for different aspects of a business. For instance, optimizing and automating existing processes which can increase revenue and decrease costs, gaining insights into customer behavior, creating a new kind of shopping experience, and establishing new touching points with customers. There are many approaches to digitizing a stationary business, such as establishing digital visibility, integrating digital concepts at the stationary location, or developing digital sales channels besides the stationary channel. Everyone needs to decide for themselves which digital concepts are right for them. Nonetheless one thing is for certain, digital concepts are here to stay and offer the local retailer industry the chance to remain relevant to customers in the future.
Why Orderize?
1. Phygital Approach
We want to assist local retailers with their analog as well as their digital sales by offering them the possibility to combine the two worlds. Thereby retailers can sell their products online without neglecting their stationary shop. What is Phygital Shopping?
2. Developed in collaboration with locale retailers
The Orderize-Platform has been developed in collaboration and continuous consultation with representatives of the local retail industry. Thus, the platform’s structure, processes, and features are designed in a way that suits the needs of local retailers.
3. Exclusively for local retailers
The Orderize-Platform is a marketplace exclusively for local retailers. Therefore, you won’t need to compete with big, nationwide chains or wholesalers when selling on the platform.
4. Flexible offerings for different days
On the Orderize-Platform you can set individual offerings for each day of the week. Thus, you can offer different products and/or varying quantities for the different days of the week. This functionality is especially relevant to retailers selling easily perishable goods and hence having frequently changing offerings.
5. Continuous enhancements
We constantly work on improving the Orderize-Platform and adding new features which can support the majority of local retailers. Thus, we are always happy to engage with local retailers and are generally interested to adjust our product through continuous dialog and potential collaborations.

What features does Orderize provide?
Digital visibility
You can create a digital replica of your store and product assortment on the Orderize-Platform. Thereby you offer your existing customers an alternative way to visit your shop and can reach new customers.
Pre-Ordering functionality
You can offer customers the pre-ordering of your products via the Orderize-Platform. This way customers can browse through your product assortment online, choose products and pay them digitally, to subsequently pick them up at your store.
Flexible offerings for different days
You can set flexible offerings for the different days of the week. For instance, you can offer a product exclusively on a specific weekday or provide a larger quantity of a product on the weekend.
Overview for planning and monitoring
The Orderize-Platform provides you with multiple overviews to manage your pre-orders. For example, you can filter upcoming and past pre-orders according to date, mark an order as picked-up, or track how much of which product is pre-ordered for the next days.
Integrated refunds
In case a customer wants to return a product, you can easily execute the refund via the Orderize-Platform.
Automated invoice generation
We automatically generate an invoice for every pre-order that is executed via the Orderize-Platform. You can always access these invoices, which enables you to smoothly integrate your Orderize-sales in your accounting.
Terms and Condition and
Privacy Policy Template
Orderize brokers purchase contracts between you and customers, meaning that you need your own terms and conditions and privacy policy. Don’t worry, we composed templates for terms and conditions and for a privacy policy, which can help you with the formulation.


We’re working hard to make Orderize available for more local retailers as soon as possible. Please reach out to us via the contact form to always be up to date with any developments and become one of the first retailers to be featured on the platform.

No! Orderize has been built as software that supports local retailers in their pursuit of digitalization without neglecting their daily business. The Orderize Interface is easy to use and allows you to create a digital replica of your store with only a few clicks. In case any questions arise, you can always reach out to our friendly customer support.

The Orderize-Platform is a marketplace exclusively for local retailers, meaning that we are not featuring any large, country-wide chains. By doing so, we want to create a digital sales space for local retailers and customers that value and want to support the local retail industry.
We developed the Orderize-Platform in collaboration with a bakery, which is why the current set-up and functionalities are perhaps more suitable for retailers that sell perishable goods and thus have flexible offerings throughout the week. In case you sell other types of products but still would like to use Orderize, please reach out to us! We certainly want to expand the functionalities of the platform in the future and are always happy to gain insights and get to know potential collaborators.
Any further questions? Please contact us via the contact form below.


Please fill out the contact form below and become one of the first local retailers to get access to Orderize!